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Meetup Group Las Vegas USA

February 21, 2017

May 14, 2018 all-day

We are a Meetup group. Details and address  may be found on https://www.meetup.com/Las-Vegas-Machine-Knitting/. There are no membership fees. This is a free group. Our next meeting is Monday March 13.

Each month we get together on the second Monday of the month. No need to bring your machines. It is not that kind of event.

The agenda is

• Show off a recent project if you have one

• An around the room discussion of what you have been doing

• Discuss any issues that we can brainstorm

In addition one or two people will have prepared a topic to discuss that they feel they are knowledgeable in. These people will have been selected from the meeting the month before so they have time to prepare.

We will have snacks but not a meal. If someone would like to bring a couple of snacks for the group that would be great. Otherwise you are stuck with the same old stuff from Michelle.

Please bring either a donation of a finished item for the needy or a skein of yarn for someone else to use for donated items. Hats (any size), scarves or baby blankets are all welcomed. If you have neither, pony up $2 for the yarn fund.

New machine knitters, want to be machine knitters and soon to be machine knitters are all welcome.

Addi knitters are considered machine knitters too. 🙂

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